Netflix has released its most watched shows of the year. Here are the top 7 Indian titles:

Rana Naidu The remake of Ray Donovan follows a story of family conflicts in Mumbai's underworld, captivating audiences for a total of 46 million hours.

Chor Nikal Ke Bhaga The thrilling combination of a flight heist and hijacking plot, has racked up 41 million hours of viewership

Mission Majnu takes viewers on a gripping espionage journey during the India-Pakistan conflict, securing 31 million hours of attention

Mrs. Chatterjee vs Norway portrays a mother's legal battle in a foreign country, watched for approximately 29.6 million hours

Class Three students from modest backgrounds navigate life in an elite Delhi school and are drawn into a murder. Had a total viewership of 27 million hours

Shehzada features a mix of action, family drama, and identity exploration, drawing 24 million hours of viewing

Scoop delves into the life of a crime journalist embroiled in a colleague's murder case, capturing 17 million hours of audience interest