Publisher’s Corner

I had long wanted to tell trials and tribulations of Indians abroad and those who returned home that I registered the domain name ‘ in 2000 when we were making a name for ourselves on the global stage.

For nearly 20 years the idea lay incubating found expression as Global Indian – A Hero’s journey during the lockdown a time which allowed me more time to pursue things that I value most. I thought it’s time for remind us to give back and find a greater purpose in our life and career.

The stories are meant to inspire those who aspire to go on a journey abroad, fight the odds, explore the world and discover themselves.

We like stories in which the hero goes on a journey, fights the odds, transforms himself or herself and then returns home – in our case to serve the community and country.

One of the sections I am particularly fond of is the Youth Section. Have you checked what our youth are pursuing? It will only make you proud – they are a lot so obsessed with the future – and why not? 

The Global Indian is constantly changing and I would love to hear your comments, stories, ideas or any way you would like to contribute. This stage is meant for you.

Come, tell me what’s your Global Indian story?

Xavier Augustin