11 Feb

NORTH INDIANS in USA (Singles Event) – 35 – 45 age group

  • Fri, 11 Feb, 01:30 AM – Sun, 16 Jan, 04:30 AM

  • USA - Live Streaming - Watch on Zoom

Event Details

Refund Policy: No there is no refund for this event! It is online event!
You are all invited to the major singles event being held online...
All Indian Singles over age 35 only invited!
Your marital status: Never married, divorced or widowed
This is a video and audio based event.
Note 1: this event is time based the later you join say 30 minutes late you meet only 1 or 2 people that are left in the queue.
Note 2: You should attend only if you want to meet NORTH INDIANS in USA.
Note 3: You should NOT Attend if you are looking for ex: Jain eating vegan food or ex: searching for a Hindu who lives in Sunnyvale and is male with salary over $100 k and is vegetarian. We don't do customization of humans from India.
First time we are trying to do an event with a motive to connect NORTH INDIAN Singles over age 35 and who are seriously looking and are without children.
You knowCovid19 is NOT overstill and we don't know when there will be a next lock down. Rules may change again.
This is for all HINDUS, SIKH, PARSI, JAIN and any part of India Delhi, Bihar, UP, Uttarakhand, Jammu etc.
You will meet each person and go through rounds of introduction one by one.
You can ask for contact details privately to the attendees you talk to one on one.
Organizers won't be responsible to provide any contact information for anyone.